Sunday, April 29, 2007

dusky whaler,eastern blue

Seems like the ocean had one more day for me this year,
a charity swim.
And one more treat in store.
It wasn't this shark, though that distracted me long enough to stop and get a good hard look,
It was The Big Groper.
I have never seen him, and there he was, right beneath me, fanning his fins and having a Very Nice Time.

I asked him if he preferred the company of garfish or snapper.
He looked me up and down, and said," you more resemble a snapper, if that is where this question is leading."

Thrilled to have received this comment, I thanked him and swam on.

I told small boy, who was disappointed not to have seen the groper.
But guess what? I saw YOU!
he said.

Next best thing.


Owen Leong said...

Ms Mermaid, you have proven your innate ocean origins once again. I think next time I see you I will address you as the Fish Whisperer. Wish I could have come on that swim with day I will be fish enough to do it!

fifi said...

yes dear one,
please address me as fish whisperer, and make sure you do it with a big mouthful of octopus balls.

it's the little things... said...

Fish Whisperer...I like that!

meggie said...

How beautiful, to swim with the fishes...not in the Italian sense, though!

Big Pissy said...

Beautiful photos!

Princess Banter said...

I've always been awed with the world underwater cuz it looks so different from what we're all used to. You're so lucky to have the opportunity to be one with that world :) Do enjoy as people like me live vicariously through you :)

a kings cross muse said...

Fifi and the Big Blue Groper
Queen and King of Aquanesia

Arcturus said...

Did you take those pictures?

fifi said...

arc, a friend with a water-housing did.